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The Circus Came to Town!

I was coming home from a successful morning from the fromagerie two days ago, enjoying one of the few sunny days we’ve had this week. When I reached the large plaza, through which I usually walk each day, I became surrounded by the complete commotion of RV’s, campers, and red semi-trucks driving into the gravel square. I was nearly run over several times as the trucks came in, blowing exhaust everywhere and beeping constantly. It was not until I crossed the street on the opposite side of the plaza that I realized what the commotion was all about: the circus was coming to town!

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Only three minutes out my front door, this was a great treat for me! I knew I had to get tickets. The other Americans, one of which had never been to a circus, bought their tickets for the opening night (tonight) and we all went together. I had been to the circus twice before, thanks to my grandmother who herself loves elephants and horses as well as the many spectacles that the circus puts on. However, never had I been to an authentic circus in France!

Let me tell you, there is no better circus in the world for fifteen euros than this one! I couldn’t imagine a better time! For a full two-and-a-half hours, we watched in awe at the seemingly endless display of human and animal potential, all in the middle of the city, just two blocks away from my house. From elephants, to tigers, to an amazing eight-man motorcycle cage, I was thoroughly amazed and will never forget this “childhood pleasure” of seeing a circus (in France)!

Enjoy the photos!


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